Yellowstone National Park


Getting to Yellowstone via Jackson Wyoming was quite easy as the entrance is an easy 30-minute ride from the airport.

Getting to the park requires a ticket which is bought from the entrance point. The beauty of this ticket is that it gives you access to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks as you have to pass through the majestic first to get to the latter.

One interesting aspect of Yellowstone National Park was the continental divide, which I passed in two locations.
Yellowstone is different from Yosemite in that Yellowstone's landscape and vegetation is quite varied. 
The wildlife in Yellowstone is also varied, but the park's most famous residents may its bears.

A big part of Yellowstone's attraction is the park's volcanic activity which produces the painted pots and geysers. I always wanted to visit Yellowstone because of watching Yogi Bear as a kid, just had to see the Old Faithful geyser for myself. But I never imagined the sheer beauty of the painted pots, truly magnificent.