My First Visit To Chicago

Travelling to Chicago by Amtrak was a long, slightly tiring trip. However, I got the opportunity to see the rest of the country in a way I couldn't, had I been on an airplane.

Chicago is one city I definitely plan on visiting again. The clean, odor free and non-crowded streets give downtown Chicago an "A" in my books.  The non crowded streets mean the stores aren't crowded either and that translates into me having my pick of the merchandise unlike in NYC.  Since my visit I've heard of people making the trip mainly to do some shopping.

I enjoyed some firsts here too, namely Octoberfest and funnel cake. It was my first Octoberfest and I felt like a fish out of water as I navigated the sea of blue jeans and white t shirts with my orange pants. However, the crowd was super friendly and hot!  I discovered funnel cake at Octoberfest (itis almost like I had never been to a street fair in NYC)

And the Chicago Bulls memorabilia in some establishments didn't hurt either, as it brought back the nostalgia of that era of total domination by Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

Our hotel was within walking distance of downtown Chicago and that means we got to find out why Chicago is known as the windy city. Alas, on a nice uneventful day the unannounced winds would whip us mercilessly before retreating to whence they suddenly came.

Chicago is known for its art and architecture as you'll see in the pics below. Oh, Chicago I will be back for Octoberfest (as the song says, See You In September). And dear readers you can expect more pics and details from this upcoming trip.