Top 5 Halloween Nail Polish Colors

Halloween is generally characterized by the colors; orange, purple, red, white and black. Below we have selected  five nail polishes to add the creep factor to your celebration.

1) It is no surprise that we start off with a selection from Sinful Colors. Since coming across this brand a few years ago, I am definitely a fan.

 Feel The Vibe

2) NARS has a wide range of amazing colors. Try this dark purple and serve up some 

frightening nails.
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3) Popular nail polish brand OPI has this great red option to get your bloody thrill on. 

OPI nail polish - OPI Red 

4) Need a ghostly white option? Here's a Sally Hansen white polish which is sure to do the

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color, White On - .4 fl oz 

5) And of course here's our black polish pick from Essie. Go out and paint the town black.  

licorice - deeps By Essie