10 Fashion Trends You Never Thought Would Return!

Do not worry, you are not having dejavu.  The trends you once loved but never thought would return have.  Seen all over the runway this past Fashion Week designers have tapped into some of their favorite fads for new and innovative looks.  From clothing to accessories, to hair and makeup what was once old is new again.  As we know, fashion is not a circle but a spiral.  It circulates in the same area but never touches the same exact place twice.  With that being said, these fads which you once loved are back but in new and exciting ways.  It is time go back into your closet and makeup bag and rethink the possibilities!  Your favorite outfit from  the 80's might be the next big head turner.  

Top Ten Trends you never thought would return: 

1. The Crop Top

2. The White Eyeliner

 3. The Plaid Flannel Shirt

womens plaid flannel shirt-columbia sportswear pettygrove plaid flannel shirt long sleeve for women

4. The Perm

5. The White Heel

6. The Boot cut Jean

7. The Trucker Hat

8. The Hair Mousse

9. The Colored Mascara

10. The Logo Sweatshirt