“XOX Betsey Johnson”

On May 12, 2013 the Style Network will be premiering possibly its most fun show yet, the “XOX Betsey Johnson” show. This show will show viewers the life of renowned fashion designer and icon Betsey Johnson and her daughter Lulu Johnson. The show will follow them as they struggle to evolve their mother-daughter relationship as well as work on furthering their careers. The cast of the show will also feature Brandon Aldridge. Brandon has been working up the creative direction of Betsey Johnson for over nine years now and he truly loves what he does. With his supporting role in the upcoming reality TV show he is ready to move his career forward. Betsey Johnson is a very unique designer who has always played by her own set of rules and it is no wonder she will finally be appearing in her very own television show. This time last year Betsey Johnson actually went bankrupt and all of her stores went out of business. Now, a year later, Betsey is back and better than ever. Her latest runway show was a huge success and she is taking even bigger and better steps. Make sure to tune in to the Style Network on May 12th to watch Betsey take a huge step in her career as she transitions from  the runway to the big screen.

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