Peter Pan Collars

This trend is exploding through racks in many major retailers. A crisp and traditional point collared shirt is suitable for work of course but for more of a feminine and polished look you may want to try a Peter Pan collar. This collar is designed low or high depending on the style of the piece. These collars are commonly found on blouses, dresses and there are even Peter Pan collar necklaces. A Peter Pan collar blouse works great for instance when worn with a pair of skinny jeans or even a mini skirt, this newly popular style looks great when combined with the proper pieces. Because the neck is rounded more than a regular collared shirt, you usually won’t need a bulky necklace. The soft, round collar is enough to get noticed and accentuate your neckline of course. There are a variety of shirts like these to suit any body type such as loose fitting blouses and others that are more form  fitting.