The Perfect Spring Blazer

Layering your look at the office (and out of the workplace) provides depth and style. Whether or not you have to wear a suit to work everyday, adding a blazer to your outfit adds structure to your ensemble. Menswear has always been a major trend, but recently we're starting to see blazers become much more feminine and detailed. Here are four ideas to look for when shopping for a blazer this spring!

Maurie Blazer, Club Monaco, $259
This blazer is stunning. Look up close and you'll see bits of bronze woven into the fabric along with zippers on the sleeves. The peplum adds a bit of femininity while still providing a structured and professional look for the office

Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel, J.Crew, $198
Here's the perfect example of a classic blazer. The grey color with the contrast of the gold buttons is perfect to layer on top of a pastel shirt.

Textured Knit Lady Jacket, Banana Republic, $98
This is a timeless blazer and reminds me very much of Chanel's classic jackets. This blazer is a great addition to your office wardrobe or your weekend ensemble!

BP. Faux Leather Collar Blazer, Nordstrom, $68
The slight addition of leather adds a bit of texture to the look while still remaining classic.