Style from the set of HBO's Girls

Girls, girls, and more girls, literally. In other words: fashion, fashion and more fashion. Whenever there are a mix of girlfriends, there is inevitably going to be a mix of fashion. The hit HBO show "Girls" completely depicts the different fashion tastes and senses that many women in life have. To women, fashion is a lifestyle and could even change a mood or even someone's entire week, but paying thousands of dollars for a new wardrobe does not have to happen, and should not happen if that is not in your budget. If you got it flaunt it, but regardless, girls will be girls and girls just simply wanna have fun, while looking amazing.

Lets start off with the artsy Hannah Horvath who tends to wear items which seem  artsy, yet grungy, while still maintaining a girly style.  One main piece of clothing Hannah typically wears are dresses, which she accessories accordingly: stockings/tights, cute flats, cardigans, and even pants. Here are a few of  Hannah's looks, and where you can get them .
Aldo Accessories $20

                                                            H&M $34.99                                                                                                                                

Next we have Marnie who is also artsy, but more reserved and classic. Her style is clean cut and entails many structured pieces. Here's a few signature Marnie pieces and where you can find them:

Won Hundred iron dress Urban Outfitters $29
Brown platform sandal Ralph Lauren $21

Next, Jessa is a bit more eccentric and boho. Most of her outfits look like they came directly from the 1970's since she wears a lot of loose fitting, wide legged, and flowy silhouettes with a lot of floral prints. Here is where to get her look:

Jumper Urban Outfitters $14.99
Aldo shoes $40

Spiked pork pie hat Forever 21 $12.80

On a bit more of a conservative angle, we have Shoshanna. She dresses way more conservative and girly than the rest, which actually represents her naivety in the show. She definitely wears a lot of Juicy Tracksuits with a mix of sequins and pastel colors. To find this girlishly adorable look, here are a few tips:

Aldo shoes $24.99

Polk Dot headband Forever 21 $3.80

Pearlescent shirt dress Forever 21 $29.80