Signature Style

Many fashion notables have a signature style; think Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and most definitely Karl Lagerfeld. During a recent conversation with a personal shopper, she suggested that with fashion there are many options, therefore one should not limit themselves but rather indulge in the various chic offerings from the industry.

However, a signature style makes you stand out in a world where everyone seems to want to blend in. A signature style says, “This is me, this is my style” At this point Karl Lagerfield can be identified by his attire in any pic, even if his head is totally cut off from  the photo.

A signature style can mean a restrictive wardrobe and by extension very little indecision when shopping. For some this may be ideal and for others too predictable. If  you’re considering a signature style you may want to dip your toes in by trying one item of clothing (or accessory) you really like. For example, if you like cardigans buying a few  of various styles to add to your closet is a good start. They can be paired with dresses, skirts and pants.

Signature style is not limited to the fashion set, as certain communities within our society have adopted a particular way of dressing. And as Karl exemplifies, these groups are easily identified because of their fashion choice.