Downton Abbey Fashion

It is definitely the truth when people say: “history repeats itself”, not only in monumental historical events, but also, and most definitely in fashion.

Downton Abbey not only allows viewers to look back to past historical events such as the First World War, but also gives insight as to what the style was like. Just by looking at a few pictures, let alone watching an entire season, it is extremely informative and inspiring, and it is evident that history repeated itself. Most of the pieces of clothing featured are not only incredible, but they are also all over the runway and streets.

Mary Jane’s are probably one of the biggest, and most popular piece from the early 1900’s that are still largely used today. Another, which will probably never go out of style are pearls; everyone has them and everyone needs them. Who knew something so simple, would become something so prevalent in the jewelry boxes of many women. Long skirts and dresses, gloves, over sized hats and the “cloche” hat, and even fur was something that many women were wearing, and if we simply take a look around, it is evident that it is repeating. Back in the day, and especially on Downton Abbey, people were wearing trench coats and a smile, and so are many women today (Except the coat has evolved to nothing but a trench coat and a smile). Even the men’s suits are practically identical to the ones that were worn in the past. While many items were used as a societal class separation, the elegant and the poor, it is safe to say that the taste of women back in the 1900’s, as seen on Downton Abbey, is much appreciated for the fashion world we now experience.

Wool-blend Bowler hat. $14.50, Forever 21                                         

                                                                     Frayed lace scarf $8.80, Forever 21


Chunky Pearl Draped Necklace. $40, Express                           
                                                AGB Skirt, A-line. $23.99, Macy's


Mossimo MaryJane pump $29.99, Target                                                                                                         


Steve Madden Cropped Mink Fur Vest. $43.99, Zappos 


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