Buyer's Remorse - Regrets, Returns & Regifting

T’was the season to shop, shop, shop. But now that all gifts have been given and received we may find ourselves wondering what to return and what to keep.

Buyer’s remorse anyone? What about the sexy pair of shoes you just had to have? Does still excite you or has it lost its novelty. Recently a few online reviews spoke of disappointment with some designer offerings for the holidays. Perhaps, regret and oops if I had known, have only just began.

But what about the gifts we got from  others? Did you just smile and said thank you, because we all know it’s the kind thing to do? Then re-gifting may be on your agenda. But how long do you wait to regift? Also, you should really regift to someone the gifter does not know.

So dear fashionista, do tell…what did you regret and what are your returning?