2012 Fashion Industry Feuds - Horyn, et al

For fashion's sake can't we all get along? Maybe not, as we see in the feuds below, some of  which are new and others...not quite. From  journalist Cathryn Horyn to Lady Gaga  and a few designers/creative directors this year was abuzz with  fashion industry tifts.

-Paris editor vs PR girl
With regards to the slap heard around the world...the fashion world, the victim  did  file suit. The Jalouse editor Jennifer Emymere was sued for a cool 1million dollars, Emymere  who followed up her  bitch slap to the PR  girls's face with the words,  "don't fuck with the French"  may have a hard time with her defense.

-Horyn vs Oscar de la Renta
Upon referring to Oscar De La Renta as a hot dog in a review of  his spring collection, Horyn faced the wrath of the designer who referred to her as 3-day old hamburger.

-Horyn vs Lady Gaga
So Gaga rapped that Horyn's partner should suck her dick. Of  course she had a few choice words for Horyn as well and so did Horyn's partner for Gaga.

-Horyn vs Hedi Slimane
When Slimaine showed his first collection for Saint Lauren, everyone was present except, Horyn. Cathryn wrote that she was excluded because of  a 5 year old grudge held by Slimane.  Hedi took to twitter  and made it known how he feels about Horyn.

-Tory Burch vs Chris Burch
The divorced couple are at odds because  of various reasons, one of which is that the ex Mrs Burch is not pleased that her husband; "copied her business plan." Also Chris Burch's C Wonder is referred to as an affordable version of  Tory Burch's goods. Chris' lawsuit filed this fall  against Tory certainly added fuel to the fire.

-Armani vs Cavalli
Cavalli referred to Armani as "Little King" after Armani moved his Milan S/S 2013 show from  its usual Monday slot to Sunday. Cavalli was concerned that with Giorgio's move, fashion journalists would forgo his Monday show and head to France for Paris fashion week.  Giorgio it was reported, appeared to have a light hearted response to Cavalli.

What do you think of these feuds?