Thanksgiving Dressing

Now that we've nearing one of my favorite holidays it's now time to get our minds (and tummies) prepared.

And no we are not talking about Christmas. I'm joining in with the few retail stores like Lord and Taylor that postpone holiday decorations until at least the day after Thanksgiving. This is because we have a lot to give thanks for in this new month of November and fall clothing is pretty close to the top of that list. There are just so many amazingly cozy and stylish pieces out there for you to get your hands on before we have to bundle up and hide it all under our pea coats and scarves.

We're still knee deep in tall leather boots and chunky knits are still keeping us all snuggled up as the temperatures start to severely drop. These pieces are also perfect for the coming Thanksgiving holiday because it just simply doesn't make sense to be wearing a slinky sparkly holiday dress while stuffing your face with Mr. Tom and mashed potatoes. You may or may not start to look like a disco ball in all that sparkle once the food settles in.

So let's stick with fall attire for at least a few more weeks.  Because what does make perfect sense for giving thanks is the outfit below. A slouchy cream sweater paired with an olive jacket set over a stretchy pair of slimming black pants will keep you looking styled while still maintaining comfort after your meal has been devoured. Yes,  fashionistas do eat.

Add in some leather boots, a camel colored tote, and a pop of  red color on your nails and this outfit can take you just about anywhere for the rest of the fall season.