Designers Go Furry and Fabulous For Fall 2012

By now, you should have heard through the pounding speakers, that designers are shouting, “Burr, we need fur!” this fall. After the animal magnetism of animal print-everything in our Spring 2012 closets, animal fur coats are soon-to-be cemented into our wardrobes. As seen on the runways of trailblazing brands such as DSquared2, Giorgio Armani and Fendi, fur has expanded its repertoire to become a popular material with the ability to enrich everything from a demure belt to a long-legged trouser. 
DSquared2 has gifted us the ability to wear fur sans the feeling we belong in a fantasyland of an Antarctic fashion spread. The high tailored and cinched coats for this fall execute consistency with the tri-decade 40’s-60’s era that will dominate style in the upcoming months. Everyone who is anyone that is style-savvy, will be incorporating fur into her fall routine. 
Autumn-appropriate ensembles will devise from fur and also, taffeta and wool. Giorgio Armani, renowned designer for the female silhouette, gave slimming curves to accentuate femininity. Fashionable and functional, who says you have to look like a bulky fur ball in the winter? As the holidays seem to creep up on us every year with delicious foods to eat, Giorgio’s concept and use of material is a godsend with its appeal and ability to hide that extra slice of pumpkin pie. Thankfully, you can remain stylish and sexy.
Seeking opulence? Ask Fendi, as the brand knows all about opulence. With lust-worthy ensembles to cozy-up in, this brand has a knack for fur, structure, and forgiving silhouettes that will leave you in awe.
Thus, snag a warm and wallet-friendly option this Fall.