Shine On - Add Some Glitter

There's always a part of  me that will be six  years old and will always want to add glitter or sequins to each of my outfits. But how does a woman in her 20's pull it off  without looking too childish? Adding a little pop of  glitter to your outfit makes a statement and adds pizazz your ensemble. Suddenly, a basic outfit of just a pair of jeans and white tee can be transformed with a stunning pair of sequin loafers. Think about using sparkle to enhance your look--not dominate your look. And if  you really need an excuse to shine,  just think, "the holidays are coming".
Here are five ways to incorporate a little glitz in your every day life.

Dressage Bootie, Wanted Shoes, DSW, $54.95The key to these booties is that they are a mix of materials. By only having a strategic part of the bootie covered in glitter, it adds the right amount of shine and surprise.

The Teddy Loafer in Glitter, Madewell, $158Madewell makes incredible shoes. These are sensible and cute and you can wear them  to the office, out to brunch, or just around town!

Sequin Embellishment Mini Skirt, Express, $59.90This skirt speaks for itself. I would pair it with a simple pump, shirt and a blazer like in the photo. Your accessories can be minimal. I  even recommend on snagging this skirt now for New Years.

The Shining Sequin Jacket, Mink Pink, Urban Outfitters, $125I love how this jacket is styled on the Urban Outfitters website and would do the same. You don't have to wear it with colored denim, another trend for this fall, but adding this jacket to any casual look certainly makes a statement.

Downtown Sequin Collar, ShopRuche, $24.99Collars are another huge trend this fall. This one is very sweet and feminine. You can wear it on its own as a necklace or wear in on top of a plain sweater to add a little pop.