Prance Pompously, Travel in Prada: Fall 2012 Runway Review

In order to live every girl in the sixties’ dream, or at least, every girl who dreams of being a star - a sartorial pictorial resume is much needed. To acquire the experience for this fashion-savvy resume, one look at the Prada Fall/Winter 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection is sufficient. Inherently bold in nature, the Prada runway grounded the critically acclaimed Fall/Winter Fashion Week with refreshingly seventies-inspired pieces. Truthfully, emulating the runway's premise would be heavy on paper, as designer Miuccia Prada infused her Fall/Winter collection with a blend of retro-inspired offerings ranging from handbags to boots, to clothing - all invoking a modish spirit. With such creative talent, the Prada Fall/Winter 2012 runway ensures a star-studded essence with all the credentials for the ultimate fashionista who keeps 70’s inspired fashion interesting.

Upping the style stakes, this season’s handbags are sure to be celebrated on the pages of every fashion magazine on the newsstands and in the hands of trendsetters. With a seventies mod aura, Prada’s doctor bags proved that she has an eye for what’s seasonally fresh. The bags were petite and square/round-esque, quite easy for an on-the-go outing. Surely fashionable and functional, “cozy” could define the glorious bags that accent the latest fall wardrobe ensembles for airport-chic and vacation-travel.

Giving birth to shoe heaven, a simple truth should be realized: Prada Mary Janes are needed immediately. No need to go frantically search for “it” shoes of the season as Prada created complex shoe obsessions. Mary Janes were
bejeweled, decked in print, and color blocked in contrasting hue. These astounding accents were utilized flawlessly and complemented their matched ensembles.

Offering graphic-infusion, Prada invented a masterful mix of wallpaper prints. Ensuring the absence of a sartorial slump, these hues were strategically placed within crop tops, fitted jackets, and separates to define the upcoming trends to be seen around the world.

Thus,  Prada exerted an enormous influence on this Fall/Winter trends, undoubtedly breaking fashion traditions and instilling a new age of fashion with a retrospective look on the 70’s. Prada mirrored the out-of-the box looks for the star-destined girl who will make heads turn with such chic fashion taste.

Say yes to Prada Fall 2012 handbags, shoes, and clothing galore. With these hot ticket items, travel will be nothing short of lavish.