Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2012

According to designer Marc Jacobs, art and fashion are kind of like Oreos and milk: they're made for each other.

As Marc Jacobs has showcased domestically and internationally, the world has seen it all. This season he wanted to heighten his fans’ style as he made a simple balance of  classic looks. With a fan base comprised of many fashion aficionados and celebrities, Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter  2012 collection was a must-see and must-lust-after showcase.

Marc Jacobs’ collection reminded us that basics don’t have to be boring as this fashion architect constructed stunning outfits with a solid foundation: clashing colors, strong pigment and audacity. In addition, the infrastructure included fabrics that truly added authenticity to each piece. In such, his aesthetic choices created pillars of fashion sensibilities.
Sophisticated outfits were nailed into from  classy jackets, dresses, and jump suits in contrasting colors and patterns. All of the looks were smart and redefined, promising style and comfort.
Building a great show of the basics, Marc Jacobs completes another fabulous collection.