Made In The USA

American Apparel,  the usually controversial clothing line, is best known as a Made In The USA brand. Amidst our economic downturn many are calling for  us to return to good old US made  products,  clothing included.

This past weekend's copy of the Wall Street Journal's "Off  Duty" section featured an outfit made in the USA, said outfit was put together  to feature various items of clothing manufactured from  different parts of the country (mainly the north east).  The labels featured, among others in the article  were;
- Brooks Brothers
- Band of  Outsiders
- Public School

The cost of the items listed were probably not for your average joe, but I guess the emphasis was; getting back to home made (USA) clothing. What comes to mind after reading this is; will people pay a bit more for US made items as a way to support the economy or will the masses continue to go with foreign made presumably cheaper items of  clothing.

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