Gingham Girl

Plaid is out in full force this fall but the ever gorgeous gingham  isn't too far behind it. If  you're one plaid flannel away from having the closet of  a lumberjack then it might be time to head to your favorite stores and switch over to gingham.

It's bolder than the usual pattern so make sure you're only wearing one gingham  item at a time so as not to look like a picnic table. More muted tones will also help when mixing with other trends. Pairing a bold bright button down with a more neutral pant will give you the balanced effect all fashionistas aim  to achieve.

The trend is so hot that celebrities are even rocking it on the red carpet. Kylie Minogue was seen on Monday at the Q Awards in this black and white gingham  off the shoulder number.


But if you're too timid to step out in this many checks then you can simply infiltrate the trend through an accessory, as shown below.
Mui Mui shoes