Halogen Leather Pieces

I feel like I'm  going to pass out. Thanks to Halogen's leather front peplum  top, I feel faint. Today I received my Halogen leather skirt(only $149) from Nordstrom  and for some odd reason decided to go looking for more leather clothing on the site again.

Lo and behold I come across this amazing Halogen leather front top and only XL was left. Now being the determined person that I am  when it comes to clothing that I must have,  I set out to find this top in my size. I called Nordstrom  in Farmington CT  as well as  Mineapolis(since stores within 1000 miles on NYC had none) and they were out of stock.

Surely today's fashionistas have a fabulous sense of  style because  this top sold out so quickly. However, if  I ever walk past anyone wearing this top I think I really will pass out. Of  envy perharps.
HalogenĀ® Leather Front Peplum Top