Shala Monroque

Recently I took the opportunity to browse the face book friends on an acquaintance's page. Out of the hundreds of names on that page; Shala Monroque stood out. I have an affinity for unique names and Shala was new to me even if I'm familiar with variations such as Shana, Shama, etc. Monroque on the other hand really got my attention, even more so than the first name. Anyway, I decided to find out about the person behind the name and a quick search indicated that she's a model, an aspiring model, I determined based on what came up.

Lo and behold, a week later I browsed through W magazine and who do I came across, none other than Shala in all her glory. I couldn't believe it, so I did a little more research online about the "not so mysterious anymore", Shala.

Well within 3 weeks Shala had officially assaulted my senses, because my next sighting of her was on the Fall Fashion issue of New York magazine. On the cover she's described as everybody's muse. Hmmm, everybody's muse? Maybe, maybe not, but she's definitely mine.

Shala Monroque Ralph Lauren Celebrates The Publication Of "The Hamptons: Food, Family and History" By Ricky Lauren