Red Soled

I couldn't believe my ears, YSL wants to produce red soled shoes. Even if  I don't own a pair, everyone knows red sole shoes are Louboutins. Don't get me wrong, Louboutin didn't buy the rights to the color red...obviously. But why YSL? Why?

This makes no sense, why would an established brand, want to follow in the footsteps (globally recognized footsteps) of another established brand. I know what you're thinking and no, this wasn't a rhetorical question. I would think YSL would like to differentiate itself from any "look alikes" out there. As a major designer you want to stand out to your customers, not blend in.

Lets face it, red sole or not, the buyer knows which designer shoes she's wearing. Maybe YSL's idea is to sell more affordable red soled shoes. That way the wearer feels the "Oomph " of wearing red soled shoes without breaking the bank. However, if  I see anyone wearing red soled shoes YSL isn't what would come to mind...Louboutin would. This may be a case of YSL adding fuel to Louboutin's fire.