Fab Finds!

So I took the opportunity to purchase some designer items at a recent store closing in Manhattan. I got a flowered Escada blazer, Missoni Jeans, and Marc Jacobs military style jacket, among a few other things.  Honestly if I had to buy these at regular price, it would never happen. I am a budget fashionista. But these I saw and I had to have them.. I still feel so good about my purchase that I was gushing to my sis today and she  asked if said store is definitely closed. Alas it is.

And the day before the last, I picked up a fabulous black Escada dress which was over my budget of $100 for any single item. I decided to not purchase that dress and that decision still haunts me. At least I get to revel in my fabulous finds. Gosh I almost wish more stores were closing down.