Review London Fashion Week S/S 2014

New York is not the only glorious mega city for fashionistas and talented designers. We can’t forget London Fashion Week, where they definitely did not skimp on the cutting edge fashion. It’s sure to inspire the inner brit in all of us. Below are some of the highlights.

Jean-Pierre Braganza 

I love this collection!!! It is simply beautiful. Braganza sticks to a few palettes like baby pink, black white, and grey. Yet the collection is so fresh and vivid. His pieces are literally art as they vary so much in shape, fit and style. There is something for every girl in this collection yet every piece retains a very sexy and very feminine look.

John Rocha

Lady Gaga would eat this collection up if she hasn’t already. This collection is strictly for the daring woman with a fondness of floor grazing gowns, lace and the Victorian Era. Rocha sticks to classic colors like white, black and red. Giving us some dose of spring, he jazzes up the gown with sheer, floral patterns and ruffles. Every gown is a masterpiece and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

Tom Ford 

I want everything in this collection. It was hard not to post all the pictures. His line can simply be described in three words:  fun, glamorous & edgy!!! Ford uses a lot of sequins, unique beading, and creating wave like patterns on dresses to give the  illusion of curves and to just be whimsy. He’s also a fan of mesh and sheer. Ford keeping a similar theme with many other designers stuck to classical and neutral colors.


  1. There are a couple of these that I really like...!

  2. The John Rocha nod to the Victorian era is absolutely stunning! The long laced black dress in the first picture makes me drool! No way could I pull that look off BUT I have a long lanky 25 year old daughter that would wear the living devil outta that dress.