How It Works

Sample Sale Shopping in NYC

If you ever wished you lived in NYC to indulge in the multitude of designer sales, then don't despair. Your sample sale shopper is here.

I've written about sample sales, I've personally shopped sample sales and now I'm ready to help you snag the best sample sales deals out there.

And even if you live in the city but can't make certain sales because of work, I will gladly help.

Service Fee: $100
 Item cost: varies
 Shipping: varies

How It Works

1) Check the blog weekly (Mondays) for sales posts.

2) I'll post pics of sale finds & you will choose what items and sizes you would like to get.

3) Send your payment of $100 service fee + item cost

4) Your fashion/accessories items will soon be on their way to you via express/priority shipping.

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