Pantone Picks Radiant Orchid As Fashion's 2014 Color

Radiant Orchid is a pretty color, but how on earth did Pantone come up with this name? (See explanatory video here...) Actually how do the folks over there come up with any of the far fetch color names such as Pool, Umber and Wisteria to name a few.

The irony is these juiced up names aren't necessarily for new colors, but the same colors we've known forever. So keep up with the fashion set by ensuring that you're up to date with the ever changing roster of names attributed to the same colors. Remember, its Oxblood not burgundy and don't forget Taxicab instead of your ordinary yellow.

Kudos to Pantone for keeping us on our prettily colored toes. Besides I can't imagine anyone not liking this color, but if you don't, do tell.

Here are a few Radiant Orchid pieces for your 2014 life.


           American Apparel Waisted Dress: $16:33 - ASOS                                                                                       
American Apparel Waisted Dress

  Pour Moi Antigua Halter Bikini Top: $15:43 - ASOS

Pour Moi Antigua Halter Bikini Top 

Pantone Universe Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick: $18 - Sephora

SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE - Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick

Butter's Molly Coddled: $15 -

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