Editor's Closet - Scalloped Shoes With Pretty Ribbons

This the first editor's closet post, which will feature fashion finds in my overstuffed (not designer) closet. Though this blog wasn't set up as a personal style blog I'm always shopping and thought sharing some of the contents of my closet would be fun.

Last week while headed to a bank in Brooklyn (yes I was actually on a serous errand) I stumbled on a shoe store with these pretty heels. I picked the gray because it is neutral and can be worn with almost any color which goes with black and I didn't yet own any gray shoes. What caught my attention, besides the shoe's scalloped edging and sturdy 2 inch heels, is the ribbon. Looking forward to switching up the ribbon; various colors and styles to compliment  various outfits.

What do you think of these shoes? Love them or leave them?

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