Fashion Resolutions 2013!

As one year ends and another  begins it is customary to make resolutions that we earnestly hope to keep. Whether we actually keep these resolutions or not is an entirely different write up. So for the fashion set we were wondering what might some of your resolutions be? To help you get started we here are a few suggestions:

- wear color and step away from  black
- find a good tailor
- wear what enhances your best features
- don't buy it if you won't wear it (guilty here)
- mix  and match high and low fashion
- be thrifty; sales, sales, sales
- purge your closet of the things you've never worn or have not in quite some time
- be less high maintenance (fashion should be fun and leave you happy not overworked)
- make 2013 your most fabulous year yet
- dress for your current size (but keep that fab outfit that you want to fit into in plain sight)

Got any more resolutions you thought we missed?

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